The Club meets on the last Thursday of every month at Over Hulton Conservative Club, St Helens Road, Bolton. BL5 1AA ... click here for directions.

Club meetings provide a great opportunity for members to get together on a social basis and discuss general things, some of them are even about diving! The meetings are also a great source of information about current Club activities.

Full details of upcoming trips are usually given out and there's usually some interesting talk or slide show on the night.

Trip details etc can also be found in the current edition of the Rubber Review, the Club's monthly newsletter, which is distributed to Club Members each month. To download the latest and previous editions of the Rubber Review, please visit our Newsletters Page.

We also have a very active Facebook Site which is open for all to join ... again, details of the latest Club events can be found on there.

For more information on Club Membership, visit our Members Page.

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OPENING HOURS - Tue & Thu : 09:00-20:00, Mon & Fri : 09:00-17:00, Sat : 09:00-18:00, Wed & Sun : Closed.

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