Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Diver Training

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Bolton Area Divers are proud to be an Ocean Reef training provider, authorised stocking dealer and service centre.

Whether you are looking to try something a bit different with your diving or just want to have a more natural breathing experience underwater, the Ocean Reef full face mask will allow you to do just that.

Benefits of diving with a Full Face Mask

  • Warm face when diving in cooler conditions
  • A more natural breathing experience as you breathe through your nose or mouth, something you can’t choose with traditional masks
  • Very difficult to let water into your mask, even when you are trying, so leaking (even with facial hair) is pretty much impossible
  • No fogging of the mask due to the one-way valve system in place, removing any moisture from your breath
  • Do away with vague hand signals with the option an underwater communications system, allowing you to talk and listen to your budding during a dive
  • Much better peripheral vision than in a standard dive mask

Get Trained

As with most new diving equipment, it is always advisable to get trained on safe and effective use of the equipment before jumping in.

Whilst the Ocean Reef IDM is easy to use, it is only safe to use after you have completed recognised training on the system.

At Bolton Area Divers, we have several qualified Instructors and offer regular training courses throughout the year, including:

Try Dive with IDM only – This is great if you just want to try out diving in a full face mask in a pool before making the decision to go ahead with the full training course.

Try Dive with IDM and Underwater Communications – As with the traditional IDM try dive but also allows you to get a feel for the underwater communications aspect too.

PADI Full Face Mask Diver Certification – This involves pool and open water training dives. This will give you the required skills and experience required to use a full face mask in open water.

PADI Underwater Communications Certification – This is an ‘add-on’ to the PADI Full Face Mask Diver Certification. With this training, you will develop a practical understanding of techniques for effective underwater communication.

Get your own equipment

Although Bolton Area Divers can provide the IDMs and Communications systems for your training, many people choose to get their own to learn in so they are more familiar with their own kit.

As an Ocean Reef authorised stocking dealer, we stock the full range of Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Masks. Our staff can give you advice and guidance in selecting the right IDM for you.

Bolton Area Divers is also a service centre for Ocean Reef, so whether you have a technical question or need to get your mask serviced, we can do all this for you on site.

Have a look if we have any dates for courses coming up by viewing our calendar.

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