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The PADI Master Seal Team is for young scuba divers who are looking for action-packed fun in a pool by completing exciting AquaMissions. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dive with flashlights, take digital pictures underwater or float effortlessly like an astronaut? Beyond learning basic scuba skills, there are speciality AquaMissions, such as wreck diving, navigation, buoyancy, environmental awareness and more. PADI Master Seal Team includes doing some cool stuff in the pool, meeting friends and sharing in the adventure of the underwater world.

What you will learn?

Following on from your PADI Seal Team on the Master Seal Team you learn 10 speciality AquaMissions, includes adventures like creature identification, search and recovery diving, and skin diving. Complete all of these and you’ll become a PADI Master Seal Team Member – joining an elite group of young scuba divers.


In the PADI Master Seal Team program, you continue to learn to use basic scuba gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive gauges and a tank.
We provide all the gear you need. Wetsuit hire is optional.

Whats included

Supervision by a PADI pro

All Course Materials

Course requirements

To join the PADI Master Seal Team, a child must be 8 years of age or older. You will need to have completed the PADI Seal Team course. Parental approval is required. You should be able to answer “No” to all questions on the Medical Questionnaire. If you need to answer “Yes” to any question then don’t worry. You just need a signature off your Doctor or one of our dive Doctors to say that you are fit to dive an then you you can join us on the course.


Just £225

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