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As many of you will be aware from watching the local news and various posts on Facebook, the garage next door to the Dive Centre caught fire in the early hours of Monday morning last bank holiday weekend.

Luckily, our alarm system worked well and we were able to contact the emergency services in time to avoid the fire spreading to the Dive Centre. It could have been so much worse and we have been very lucky really.

Upon closer inspection in daylight, it was clear the smoke had done quite a bit of damage (not to mention the smell)!

However, the next morning an SOS went out on Facebook and within a few hours, club members were turning up with cloths and cleaning products at the ready to start what was have been appropriately termed ‘the big BAD Clean Up’.

As you probably know, Bolton Area Divers is an integral part of many of our lives. As well as a place of training, it is a great social place where people share their stories and experiences.

Seeing so many people willing to give up their free time to clean and help out means so much – thank you to all who came down to help.

In true Bolton Area Diver’s style, we won’t let this stop us! Already, we have alternative classrooms and kit for students, so the training continues! We had a busy weekend at Capernwray last weekend, around 20 Open Water students tomorrow evening in our new classroom and a full Advanced Open Water course in Cornwall at the weekend J

The club dives are also continuing as planned, so the interruption to BAD has been minimal. It is business as usual!

Our plan is over the next few weeks, we will be having some work carried out. This may mean we have to close our doors for a few days but we will let everyone know in advance if this happens.

Over the next few weeks, you will probably see new stock appearing on our shelves and new paint on the walls! You will probably also see lots of cleaning still going on too!

In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone for their support and remind everyone, we are open for business so please pop in. You may even get Faz to make you a brew!


Congratulations to our three new PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors Paul, Andy and Jo.

Well what can I say besides Paul and Andy had it easy! Well, they did compared to Jo! Read on!

Paul and Andy did a cracking job of passing their Instructor Exams in Malta at the beginning of May. Weather was calm, sun was out and the IE, as usual, ran like clockwork. You can see how easy it was as Andy had time to have his make up done by Shereen!

Jo qualified in Tenerife at the end of May. The sun may have been out but it was very windy, 2m waves and big surge! Because of this the IE had to be swapped and changed hourly to cope with the extreme conditions!

Jo’s IE was probably one of the most challenging IEs I’ve ever attended. Jo did not have it easy!

Congratulations to you all on passing your Open Water Scuba Instructor qualification from everyone at Bolton Are Divers.

All three of you have worked so hard to get where you are now and it is well deserved!

Now who will be first to get their Master Scuba Diver Trainer qualification - on your marks . . . . get set . . . .go!

Congratulations to Tommy on achieving the first Professional PADI rating, Divemaster.

Tommy has been a very active diver since he first qualified with Bolton Area Divers 5 years ago back in 2009 and has progressed through the ranks to Divemaster.

He has been working hard through his internship for just over a year and has been a valuable member of the team during his training.

Bolton Area Divers would now like to welcome him on board as a fully fledged PADI Professional ... Congratulations mate!

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