Scuba Diving for People with Disabilities

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Bolton Area Divers specialise in teaching people with a wide range of disabilities to Scuba Dive, including learning and physical disabilities.

Whether you have always wanted to enjoy the amazing underwater world, set yourself a new challenge, take up a new hobby, or simply enjoy the freedom and weightlessness Scuba Diving brings, we can make this happen for you.

Club Diving

Once you are a qualified Scuba Diver, here at Bolton Area Divers, we have plenty of experienced divers ready to take you out diving for fun. With more than 10 HSA qualified Dive Buddies, there will be no shortage of people to dive with once you have qualified.

Have a look at the Bolton Area Divers Club section to see how to join.

What can Scuba Diving offer me?

Whether you are interested in the aquatic life of the UK or abroad, or more keen to study historical ship wrecks. If you are fascinated by the idea of diving with Seals, Dolphins or even Sharks in their natural environment, come and enjoy the adventure! With Scuba diving, there really is something for everyone.

Which course is right for me?

This depends very much on what you want to achieve and the nature of your disability.

We offer training from Try Dives for complete beginners through to Instructor training for those wanting to pursue a rewarding career as a Scuba Diving Instructor (and pretty much everything in between).

Your level of ability will determine which syllabus will be best for you; PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or the HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association). Both offer certificated qualification, allowing you to become a fully qualified Scuba Diver.

Just use the ‘book now’ button to get in touch and find out more information.