To see all the benefits that Club membership brings, see our Member Benefits page and, if you're not already a Club member, now is the ideal time to join!

Joining is easy, simply contact your Bank and set up a standing order for either £5.00 monthly or £60.00 annually - you can download a pre-completed form below which you can supply to your Bank. Alternatively, most online banking facilities allow you to set up your own standing orders and we will shortly be introducing PayPal as a payment method.

For standing orders, you'll need the Club's bank account details which are ...

Bank: The Co-Operative Bank, Salford
Account name: B.A.D. Club
Sort Code: 08-92-50
Account No.: 52008306-00

Once in place, we'll issue you with a membership card and keep track of your payments to ensure you receive all your member benefits.

For more information or to join Bolton Area Divers Club, please contact us.

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